We are pet sitting for my sister in law and we found out that her puppy is confused by dreidels!



Here are some of the most unique, creative menorahs I have found on the market this year!





Christmas may be the most beautiful and festive holiday ever.  It is impossible to deny that there is something special in the air.  Every store, park… public place is gleamy with the spirit and glow of the holiday.  So… why can’t Jews just get off their high horse and celebrate Christmas?  Good question.  This was the very question my Christmas-celebrating mother asked me over the phone only a few days ago.   My only reply to her is that I thought about it and once you think about it, Jews can’t really celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It is a beautiful holiday if you are Christian or even nonreligious, but for a Jew, I feel that something contradicts.  That does not mean however that I can’t appreciate the fun and festivities, I just don’t really PARTAKE myself… And it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t post adorable vintage Santa pictures =)  Enjoy.











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This little cozy arrangement will give any space into a cozy, holiday vibe!

We placed ours in the kitchen to contrast with the black granite:


You need two containers (one has to fit inside the other)

A handful of red dreidels

A few red flowers cut close to the bud (I used 3 carnations)


Day 2 of the Hanukkah Craft Countdown….


Very simple, yet elegant and chic way to display your dreidels…

You can purchase chalkboard bowls, or you can make your own using chalkboard paint.

 Choose 3 different types of dreidels:

Write dreidel, dreidel, dreidel in your best script handwriting… and done!


Hanukkah Craft Countdown

Hanukkah is almost here!  I’ll be sharing a craft a day with ya’ll to get us into the spirit.  I’ll also try to remember to tell ya where I got all my stuff.  Hanukkah is one of the best holidays for decorating because there are actually materials available…wow what a concept.  Thank you to the xmas decorators for spearheading the way for us Jewish decorators… anyways!  Up first is this cute, simple festive wreath.  Something is kind of vintage about it, no?  Okay so wreath is from dollar store, and the stars and dreidels are from target.  Hot glue and done!  Here are some step-by-step pics ;)



From the 99 cent only store. I think it was in with xmas stuff. It’s a small wreath, about 1 foot across.


The never-ending Target foam goodies. Bought after Hanukah for $2

If you can’t find these items.  There are similar ones on Amazon:


 See you tomorrow for another craft! (Sign from Michael’s)

Although some might say that Hanukkah has become the Jewish Christmas… I say, that might be true. I have been see A LOT more unique Hanukkah decorations popping up. I also say…great! I think it is wonderful that there are finally some fun Hanukkah decorations and blooming traditions in the USA. So agree or not, there is now a Jewish version of the “Elf on a Shelf.” His name: Mensch on a Bench.  Isn’t he a cutie?  Complete with full rabbinic outfit and Hanukkah candle!

Mensch on a Bench Hanukkah Decor w/ Hardcover Book & Removable Bench

 His job? I assume to hide around your house for your little ones to find much like the Elf on a Shelf. Of course, he could just add to your Hanukkah holiday decorations. Let me know if you’ve adopted your own!

B”H this was an amazing year. We were able to buy our first house–an adorable one story, 4 bedrooms, and an amazing backyard. As we were touring our soon-to-be home, all I could think of was…I AM GOING TO GET A SUKKAH THIS YEAR! So, here we are, right before the holiday and it’s time to get started.


Originally, my husband and I thought we would buy fence pieces and just nail them together… But then we remembered that we don’t have a truck to get these things home. Plus, it’s a lot of work! So we continued our search through lowes and came across these popup gazebos:


So our idea became, make the gazebo, and take the top off. Then, we’ll get bamboo mats to make the s’chach (roof). The s’chach needs to be made of natural, organic materials. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Do you ever wonder how religious families afford such large seforim? Me too! Many religious families have HUGE Jewish book collections. They must spend thousands of dollars on books. I have been slowly making a collection searching on amazon and ebay for used Jewish books and sometimes I get a great deal and other times I can’t find anything. I recently found a website that looks like they have a large collection of great orthodox Jewish books for cheap. They don’t seem to have everything but you might find some really interesting things if you do some searching on their site. Let me know if you find anything good! http://www.jewishusedbooks.com/

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