B”H this was an amazing year. We were able to buy our first house–an adorable one story, 4 bedrooms, and an amazing backyard. As we were touring our soon-to-be home, all I could think of was…I AM GOING TO GET A SUKKAH THIS YEAR! So, here we are, right before the holiday and it’s time to get started.


Originally, my husband and I thought we would buy fence pieces and just nail them together… But then we remembered that we don’t have a truck to get these things home. Plus, it’s a lot of work! So we continued our search through lowes and came across these popup gazebos:


So our idea became, make the gazebo, and take the top off. Then, we’ll get bamboo mats to make the s’chach (roof). The s’chach needs to be made of natural, organic materials. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Do you ever wonder how religious families afford such large seforim? Me too! Many religious families have HUGE Jewish book collections. They must spend thousands of dollars on books. I have been slowly making a collection searching on amazon and ebay for used Jewish books and sometimes I get a great deal and other times I can’t find anything. I recently found a website that looks like they have a large collection of great orthodox Jewish books for cheap. They don’t seem to have everything but you might find some really interesting things if you do some searching on their site. Let me know if you find anything good! http://www.jewishusedbooks.com/

5. Get him some unique cufflinks. I love these Murano Glass Cufflinks… got these for my own dad!

4.For the Star Wars fan… Star wars bottle opener! They have the death star, Hans Solo, and more (if you’d believe it.) Find them on Think Geek

3. Get him a unique tie. They even have glow in the dark ties and bow ties! I think they officially have made everything! You can find them on Electric Styles

2. Can’t go wrong with a good book. Guns, Germs, and Steel is an excellent book for any history loving fathers out there.

1. The most last minute gift is…

We have just finished Shavuot and now the long wait through the summer for the High Holidays….
There will be two fast days over the summer but other than that, not too much Jewish decorating going on. Unless of course you choose to celebrate Tu B’Av! The Jewish day of love. It usually falls in the middle of the summer. I don’t personally know anyone that celebrates Tu B’Av… but maybe we should all start.

According to My Jewish Learning…

Originally a post-biblical day of joy, it served as a matchmaking day for unmarried women in the second Temple period (before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.). Tu B’Av was almost unnoticed in the Jewish calendar for many centuries but it has been rejuvenated in recent decades, especially in the modern state of Israel. In its modern incarnation it is gradually becoming a Hebrew-Jewish Day of Love, slightly resembling Valentine’s Day in English-speaking countries.

Hi everyone, we are working on getting our site back and better then before. We had a little deletion mishap, though the future should be brighter and more colorful then ever! We look forward to celebrating all the Jewish Holidays in style soon enough with everyone!under-construction

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